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I should have never been there in the first place. It was a stormy night when I was walking down the lane. I accidentally turned right and got lost. I passed by in a cold store to ask where the main street is, I also bought some food in case I get hungry.

“Excuse me, can you tell me the way out to the main street?” I asked the owner. Then suddenly, two mysterious men entered the store.

“This is a stick up!” says one of the mysterious men, pointing his gun at the owner, the other man pointing his gun at me.

The owner was about to press the alarm. “Nobody move or you’re going to die!” says the robber.

“Here, take all you want,” the owner said. “Just don’t kill us.” The robber is taking all the money in the cashier.

“Hey! Help me out,” says the robber to his accomplice.

While the two robbers were taking all the money, I tried to call the cops. And I successfully did. The cops were coming.

“Let’s get out of here!” the robber said.

Just before the two robbers were about leave, the cops came in the way.

“Hold your horses!” one of the cops said. “Put your hands in the air,” The cops put the hand locks to the robbers.

“You have the right to remain silent,” the cops said. The two robbers tried to release themselves, but the cops were holding them tight.

“You two need to come with us,” the cop requested. “We need you as witnesses.”

The store owner and I come with the cops. The investigator interviewed us.

“What exactly had happened?” the investigator asked.

“It was all a mistake,” I said. “I got there by accident, I was lost. I stopped by the cold store to ask for direction and to buy some food in case I get hungry. Then suddenly, the robbers came and held a stick up. The owner tried to press the alarm, but the robber was pointing the gun at him. While the robbers were too busy stealing the money, I got the chance to call the cops.”

“Is this true?” the investigator asking the owner.

“Yes,” the owner said. “All of it, every single detail.”

“Thank you gentle men for your cooperation,” the investigator said. “You can head back to your home sweet home gentle men.”

I should have never been there in first place. But what can I say; it was a heck of an experience.


Persecution at India

(March 21, 2008) A priest named Fr. Ferrao was killed in Goa State, India. The parishioners discovered his body when they arrived for the morning mass. The two suspects, Amit and Manish, were only at the age of 25 – 30. They shared a meal the night before Fr. Ferrao was killed. India’s local Christians believe that Fr. Ferrao was targeted because of his recent comments about the religious riots in the South Goa.

Mobs (Hindus) looted 18 shops and a gas station, severely injured two policemen and two civilians and damaged 24 cars owned by Muslims. Goa Archbishop Filipe Neri Ferrao believed that the riots were to inflame an already tense situation between Hindus and Muslims. “After the riots, I demanded a thorough investigation, but the government had no time to carry out this exercise,” Churchill Alemao, member of Parliament for South Goa, told Compass. “Now that this gruesome murder has occurred, I hope the authorities will wake up.”

Hindu extremist have acts of vandalism against churches. Let us pray for our Christian brothers and sisters that they may have peace and love. Also pray for the people that are behind all these things. I hope that our world would have world peace.


Chip Foose

Chip Foose is one of the famous people that I would like to meet. Chip Foose is an automotive designer and fabricator, hot rod shop owner, and the star of Overhaulin’ on Discovery Channel. Chip Foose was b orn on October 13, 1963 at Santa Barbara, California, United States. He was encouraged by Alex Tremulis, designer of Ford and Preston Trucker. He attended the Art Center College of Design in 1982. Unfortunately he dropped out because of financial difficulties. He returned to the Art Center after he worked to ASHA Corp. to finish his course. He graduated in 1990 and started working at Sterenberger Design. He also worked for Boyd Coddington for a part-time job. He resigned for Sterenberger in 1993. After he resigned, he worked for J Mays at Ford, but Coddington convinced him to work for him instead. In 1998, Foose left his position and started his own automotive and product design company named FOOSE Design in Huntington Beach, California. In 2004, the program Overhaulin’ started to air with Chip Foose as the star of the show. As of 2008, he continues to operate in FOOSE Design and a star of Overhaulin’.

I would like to meet Chip Foose, because I want to see more of his works. I’m also an Overhaulin’ fan.


A letter from Johnnie Daya of Maryland to Petter Daya.

September 8, 1650

Dear Peter Daya,

How are you doing? I am so sorry that I send you a letter so late. We arrived here with about 200 other colonist at September 10, 1639 using the Ark and the Dove. Our colony is proprietary colony, this means that proprietors, or owners is controlled by the government. Our location is just north of Virginia in the Chesapeake Bay area. We tried to work as hard as we could. We spent time raising corn, cattle and hogs. We tried to stay away from the footsteps of the Jamestown colonists. Most of us tried growing tobacco for profit. Most of us are men, only few were families.

Even though we, Catholics founded the Maryland colony, Protestants began moving. Later on, some religious conflicts arose. Lord Baltimore presented a bill called the Toleration Act of 1649. It made restricting the religious rights of Christians a crime, but the Toleration Act did not stop the conflict between Catholics and Protestants. I have lot of experience during my stay here at Maryland. There were happy times, but there were also the bad times like when we fought with the Claiborne’s forces.

I hope that our colony, Maryland, grow and improve. I also hope that our conflict with Claiborne will end. Well, until here. Have a nice day.

Your Brother,
Johnnie Daya


MBC vs. KSA Compare n’ Decide

The similarities between MBC and KSA are, first, politics and religion were closely related, second, the religion affects everyday life, third, maybe some of the parents in KSA wants their children to be educated, so that their children can read the Holy Qur’an, just like MBC wanted their children to read the Holy Bible.

The differences between MBC and KSA are, first, in KSA you din’t have to vote the officials unlike MBC you have to vote the officials, second, they both have different religiion, third, in MBC they believed in witchcraft but in KSA they don’t.

The stress similarities is the religion affects everyday life.

The stress difference is that in KSA, you don’t have to vote the officials unlike MBC.


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